Some Programs Available if You Would Like a Little Help with Your Transition

Too many people tell me they want to get healthy.  They tell me they've tried to change, but it's too hard.  So I've tried to think of some ways to help.

1.) For background information and to explain my views, I've written a book called Diet and Cancer: Is There a Connection?  Click on the link to the right to get it shipped to you from Amazon.

2.) For practical day-to-day help, I have created a cook book called Coco's Healthy Cooking.  Click on the link to the right to get it shipped directly to you from Amazon.

3.) For a more hands-on approach, you can enjoy the Sassy, Slim and Healthy Spa Weeks for Women™.  This Spa week can be custom designed to fit your needs and time schedule.  Held in Tyler, Texas.

4.) For people who want to see how good a healthy, plant-based meal can taste, sign up for a Vegetarian Tonight: Suppers for Six.™  These dinners are served in Tyler, Texas for up to six people.

5.) Finally, a healthy, weight-loss program that guides you through five-days of each week.  No more flailing about trying to figure out how to lose weight and what to eat.  Check out the Thin and Healthy Weight Loss Program™.

6.) If you've purchased a cook book and you would like to keep adding recipes, you'll enjoy being a member of Coco's Cooking Club™.

I look forward to meeting you through one of these programs!

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