Want to Be Trim and Healthy?  Try Changing Your Diet!

COCO’S HEALTHY COOKING: A Collection of Delicious Plant-Based Recipes to Renew Your Health and Vitality, by Melinda Coker

Too many Americans are fat and sick with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, multiple sclerosis and even arthritis. Current research suggests that people can change their health by changing what they eat.   By getting back in the kitchen and using the recipes in this newly released cook book, everyone can become trim and healthy.

Tyler, TX – December 12, 2012 –  “Coco’s Healthy Cooking,” is more than a cook book.  It is a book that can lead you to a trim, healthy body.  If you plan your meals and snacks from this book and begin to cook using the book’s recipes, your extra pounds will melt away and you will feel better than you have in years.

“Coco’s Healthy Cooking,” will keep you centered on health.  Too often we think it’s easier to take pills, get treatments, or have surgery than to change the way we eat.  The recipes in this book are delicious and you will begin to realize that you don’t need to eat the oils and the cheese and the meats that you have been accustomed to eating.  As a byproduct, you will once again have the slim and trim body you used to have and you will feel awesome!

Melinda Coker is not just an amazing cook, hostess, author, health researcher and photographer; she also holds degrees in education and counseling.  In 2007, after reading the book, “The China Study,” she drastically changed the way she ate.  Upon publication of her first book, “Diet and Cancer: Is There a Connection?” many readers wanted to change the way they ate, too, but requested guidance with recipes and meal planning.  Those requests induced Melinda to spend another two years working on this cook book.  She wants to help people and if teaching them how to cook for health is beneficial, she is all for it.

 “Coco’s Healthy Cooking” is available on Amazon or at Dr. Coker’s Smile Studio in Tyler, TX.  For more information, please visit the website at:

Video Story about Melinda and Rick Coker from CBS 19.