To help you stay organized, you can print out the monthly Menu Calendars by clicking on the link below.  If you want separate menus for breakfasts or lunches, just print them twice.  Fill in your calendar with recipe names and page numbers.  Once you have decided on your menus, you can go back to the recipe pages and make your grocery list.  

Link below for Menu~Fill-in-the-Blank 

Calendar~Menu_FILL-IN.pdf Calendar~Menu_FILL-IN.pdf
Size : 32.748 Kb
Type : pdf

Link below for Weekly Menu Calendar with Room for 3 Meals/Day 

Calendar~Weekly Menu Calendar.pdf Calendar~Weekly Menu Calendar.pdf
Size : 44.948 Kb
Type : pdf

Link below for Weekly Menu Calendar with Suggestions for a Week - 3 meals/day plus grocery list

Calendar~Menu_ROTATION_Jeff.pdf Calendar~Menu_ROTATION_Jeff.pdf
Size : 47.604 Kb
Type : pdf

Print out some copies of the Grocery List below and as you plan your weekly menus, just highlight the items on the list that you need to purchase. 

CocosCooking~Grocery List.pdf CocosCooking~Grocery List.pdf
Size : 81.209 Kb
Type : pdf

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